Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello! This week I have been back in the office finishing up stories and being tempted by the constant supply of Digestives on my desk.

I was really blessed on Tuesday to go out to coffee with a woman here, Karen. You know those people who will listen to you forever and stay constantly interested, and then say things that are exactly what you need to hear? Yeah, that’s Karen for you. So I left the conversation feeling much better and really thankful for that time together.

Wednesday was my day off, so that was a nice time to do much needed laundry (I had to hang my….”unmentionables”…up on the clothesline outside! Eep!) and take some R&R to read and watch movies purely for fun.

Yesterday after work, Becky (my supervisor boss lady) and I went to The Near Boot Inn for some good ol’ pub food and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Let me tell you, STP is the best. I can’t believe American’s haven’t discovered this one in a kind dessert yet. After the pub, we went to Becky’s place to watch Blades of Glory. She’s such a bad influence on me. Haha! (She reads this blog.)

 A glimpse into the future… Sunday afternoon, I leave for two weeks again, this time to Offenburg, Germany for TeenStreet, a youth conference. We’re (by we I mean me, Janet-the girl I’m living with, and OMNIvision-the media team) driving to the coast and taking an overnight ferry to Germany, then driving 8+ hours to our destination. I’m flying back at the end because everyone is going their separate ways. 

Oh, while I'm at TeenStreet, you can check out their website. (for those not-so-savvy computer people, you can click on the word "website") You can actually look for me on the webcam that's updated every few minutes, so if I walk by the camera, you'll most likely see me. It's not up yet, but keep checking the website for updates! 

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