Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guten Tag!

After a 4-hour bus ride, an overnight ferry ride, followed by another 8-hour bus ride, I am happy to say I am in Offenburg, Germany. 

We arrived last night around 7pm and Janet (my fellow writer) and I walked around, set up our air-mattresses, and took showers while the rest of the team (OMNIvision - the technical team) unloaded the bus and trucks. Some say writer's have it easy. It's true. Sometimes. 

Today Janet and I have been walking around getting a feel for the campus. It's like a state fair campus. There are a few arenas where different events will take place. There's the main hall, dining hall, and another hall for smaller group events, and halls where everyone sleeps. The staff that I'm a part of has our own special tents. They're very large and white, not like camping tents. 

The actual camp starts Saturday. I came so early because we traveled with OMNIvision who is in charge of everything technical, meaning they need the full week to set up. Janet and I are mentally preparing by getting a feel for the place, meeting people who will be useful contacts throughout the week, and thinking of story ideas. We can't really start writing until the actual event starts taking place. 

Here's a link to the website again! (click here)

Also, update from my team in London. One of the places we would set up has been shut down. It has something to do with the rules of being able to set up things in a public area, so no danger issues or anything like that, just technical problems. But this place was really important to the London ministry, so although it is sad and frustrating, we have to trust that God has a reason! 

A few things you can pray for: 
The kids at TeenStreet
The staff at TeenStreet
The whole TeenStreet event in general 
Keep praying for OM's London Ministry
OM's Italy team, they're having trouble with transportation to TeenStreet 

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