Friday, July 31, 2009

and so it begins...

Since my last update, a lot has changed since just walking around and "preparing mentally." ha! The rest of the team arrived, so there are 13-14 of us: graphic designers, photographers, writers and our spiritual leader. Our team is really great. Every day we meet at 10:30 and do a half hour devotion and at 11:00 we have a brainstorming meeting. 

It's been really fun getting to know the team and hanging out by playing frisbee, sharing our favorite music, and going to the cafe in the city square. A friend of mine from school is here on my team. We only found out a few weeks before TeenStreet that we were both coming here. It's been really great having a fellow Taylor person here to connect with. 

Today the teens are all arriving. Since I'm backstage (with an official backstage pass!), I didn't realize how many kids were actually here. It was a big shock at lunch when the line was a mile long! So far, I've written three stories for the website, and it's about to be four. When you go to the website's blog page mine are titled "TeenStreet is off to a running start" "More than just an Event" and "TeenStreet Bookstore" my next one will be titled "Art Zone" 

Also, check out the webcams! (click here) especially check out the backstage cam and see me sitting at my desk! 
Here's some pictures for you:

Here's the ibus we traveled on. Equipped with computers at each seat.

This is the OMNIvision team and a few others we traveled with on the Ferry. 

This is the box in which I take showers...

backstage! This is where my team spends all their time. 

This is where I sleep! In one of these boxes with Janet. There's about 50 of us in Box Town. 

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