Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy (almost!) 4th of July!

Well, today was my last day in office for two weeks. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I head to London for 14 days. I'll be back on Saturday the 18th. 

Since it was Friday, and tomorrow is July 4th, the Americans in the office celebrated by having "American Splits!" (get it? splits...from Great Britian...) and they served banana splits. But these were no normal banana splits. They made 4 of them. Four GIANT banana splits and we all ate out of them. Like pigs in a trough, I tell you. (Sorry mom, I shared food with people today...) No one seems to care that we're celebrating our independence from THIS country. Of course "good riddance" and "you couldn't stay away" jokes were made, all in good fun. 

Today besides the party we had another training session about cross cultural adaptions and spent some time with Becky going over details for the trip to London.  OH, also, I spilled my drink in my lap and it definitely looked like I wet myself. That broke the ice for some people in the office and we all had a good laugh. Especially since it seemed like it took hours for my pants to dry. 

Tonight we're having girls night, where all the women in the office get together for dinner and a movie. Should be fun! 

Since I'll be sleeping in a church, I don't know how much internet access I am going to have, so updates will definitely not be as frequent as they are when I'm here in Carlisle.  


1. American's in the office!
2. Most of everybody
3. mmmm banana split trough
4. everyone partaking in American Split. 


Katie Clayton said...

that's so fun about the banana splits! p.s. - i like the shirt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adrienne, I missed seeing you on the 4th but the banana splits sound good. We'll have to start a new tradition for the fourth at our house. I was like you, I spent the 4th with the "enemy" too. I went over to the Crosiers and watched their fireworks (you know that is the neighbors we are always trying to out do.) Love reading your blog. Aunt Kathy