Tuesday, July 7, 2009

there's no place like london

Hey everyone! Sorry that it has been awhile. I don't have internet access so I have to use my phone. London is great. It's funny how much God blesses you when you do his will even though you don't want to. I have used many more gifts than I would ever have thought, and have learned more than I would have in a whole summer at home. First of all my group consists of 10 people: 2 from germany, 2 from Netherlands, 2 from pakistan, 1 from korea, and 3 from the u.s. Very diverse! It has been great just getting to know all of them and their cultures. While i've been here I helped lead worship by playing drums, and I got to help design the organization's next newsletter because I knew how to work their programs on the computer, and I've finally written my first article. Ill post it when I can. Tomorrow is my day off. Going to the national british museum and to westminster cathedral. Okay well, I can't really write much more because it takes forever on my phone. But if you could pray for me for boldness and wisdom to share the Gospel, and other things for my time here, that would be great. Signing out!


Hannah B said...

The British museum is beautiful! As is Westminster; I'm sure you'll appreciate Poet's Corner. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. I know God could use me too if I was there. Aunt Kathy