Thursday, July 2, 2009

10:30 quiz Thursday!

Back at the office again today.

We started straight away with training, but it was a fun session. We talked about our writing styles and works that inspire us, and went over some examples.
A man in the office holds a quiz on Thursday's when he's here. So at 10:30 a few of us gathered in the common room and broke up into two teams. The man had a quiz book and he would ask one team a question, then if they didn't get it, he let the other team have a chance. Some of the questions were British-geared, and my team was the only team with a British man on it, so I think that's why we won. But they were trivial pursuit-type questions, therefore hard. I am proud to say that I got three of them right for my team. One was about the Indian guitar, which was the Sitar, and one I knew that the Diagnosis Murder guy was Dick Van Dyke (I gave out thanks to my mom). and the other one was a quote from a Shakespeare play and you had to name the play it was from. It was from Othello. and if I may brag on myself, the man giving the quiz said he was "quite impressed" that I knew that. yessssss. cool points!  

We did another training session about the website, then went to the OMNIvision site (which is the media/video/audio place for OM) to get a tour of it. So I got to come home early today which gives me a chance to pack (heading to London Saturday!) and do things so I can go to bed early. No falling asleep during devotions tomorrow for me! Oops, I didn't do that already once this week...

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