Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 2 on the Job

This was my second day in the office, seeing as after only one day in the office, the whole communications department took a day off to go to the Lake District. I see my work ethic has already rubbed off on them!  Haha

 When I arrived this morning, the whole OM office had devotions and prayer time. Everyone introduced himself or herself again because there was another new intern that arrived yesterday, and there were some people who weren’t in the office on Monday.  After devotions and prayer, the interns went through a small training hour on security in letters, blogs, updates, and e-mails. Lunch was with everyone in the main building where one of our coworkers taught us how to make the perfect cup of tea!  It’s funny, because here, it’s pretty much a must to have cream and sugar in your tea as well as coffee. So when I said “no thanks” to both cream and sugar, the person fixing my cup of tea said “you drink it black?!” Which is the response one would expect if they were drinking coffee. 

 My favourite (I have to get used to the British way of spelling things) part of the day was after lunch. We met with Jim, a communications guy, who let us judge a photo contest. We reviewed about 100+ photos and picked our favorites that fell into the categories people, modern cities, and ministry. It was great looking through pictures from all over the world and getting a look into OM’s ministry through the eyes of a person who was there.  What we didn’t know was the contest had already been judged and the pictures that won (some of them being the ones we picked!) had been put into a magazine. He then showed us the steps they used through Photoshop to edit the pictures and place them in the magazine. I got to see the work that people did using programs that I myself know how to use.  After that lesson, Jim showed us some Bibles he has put together in many different languages and they had even designed the cover. He showed us different designs that they presented to clients. He showed us which ones were rejected and which ones were approved. It was really awesome and beneficial to see how these skills can be used for ministry and done in such a professional way. Jim and other people on the team have great skill and talent in these areas, and I admire their work. Seeing their work makes me excited and nervous at the same time. I love using Indesign and Illustrator, but I am not as skilled at it as they are. I think I would have to have a lot more training in the programs to be at a similar level as them. 

 After that, Emily and I took a break and went to Asda. Becky sent money with me because she owed me a coke :) I said that the daughter in Mamma Mia was also in the movie Mean Girls and Emily and Becky didn’t believe me. I’m not allowed to say that we bet on it, but she did buy me a coke after we discovered I was right, and I think Emily is going to be “generous” and buy me ice cream tomorrow.

 After work, Dawn in the communications department had all of us girls who went to Keswick yesterday over for dinner. She was a very good cook, and she has a beautiful home. We hung out there and talked for a long time.

Learning British-English:

just one for today: "Made redundant" that's what they use here instead of saying someone got laid off.  In a sentence: Last year my dad was made redundant at Fifth Third. 

And just one picture for you, my very own sign-in name tag! I look awkward...

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