Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keswick adventures

I am going to try to be quick because I am tired and need to go to bed, but so much happens in a day!

Today, the girls of the communication department took a day trip to the Lake District. The Lake District is a large area with lots of mountains, hills, lakes, and towns dispersed throughout it. We went to the town of Keswick (pronounced "kezzick") and its lake, Derwent Water. The town was quaint. I think that's a good way to describe it. Lots of shops, so we stopped at a cafe, and walked along the lake and ate lunch. It reminded me of a mix between the Gap of Dunloe and Glendalough, for those of you who kept up with my Ireland blog, or were actually there. :) 

At 3:30 we took three of the women back home, and the three interns and Becky went to Newcastle to pick up one of the intern's friends from school. All of the interns from their University are meeting in Italy to debrief. Cool, eh? Taylor should do something like that. On the way back from Newcastle we stopped at a pub in a place called Once Brewed. The pub was called The Twice Brewed Inn. I had a traditional steak pie with chips (basically like roast beef in pie crust with fries on the side). 

British-English lesson before pictures:
"gorgeous" - used to describe food here. Comes from the word "gorge" so when you say gorgeous, you're saying the food is so good, you could gorge yourself on it.
"Loo"- as you probably know, it means the bathroom. In France, in really nice hotels, they didn't want to label the bathrooms because they thought it wasn't very fancy to do that, so everyone fancy knew that the bathroom was always going to be Room 100. The British thought this was really funny, so they changed the numbers into letters. Therefore 100=loo. 
"Posh"- used to describe something fancy or high class. Originated on ships, because the fancy people wanted portside out, and starboard coming home. 

1. Keswick town center
2. Looking over the lake 
3. from left to right: Emily (other intern), Dawn (works at the office), me, Esther (also works at the office), Becky (my supervisor-boss-teacher :) ), and Janet (also works at the office) 
4. some gardens at Keswick
5. inside the Twice Brewed Inn


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