Monday, June 29, 2009

First day at the office

Today was my first day at the office. We all met in a large room and sang worship songs, shared some stories, and Emily and I were introduced to everyone. Then just the communications team met in a smaller conference room and we got to know each other a little more and prayed together. Then Emily and I got the grand tour from Becky, and we met people individually and heard about their specific role in OM.
We ate lunch outside because it was really nice weather (around 80 degrees and sunny which is very unusual for Carlisle) and walked to Asda which is their large supermarket in the area. It's actually part of the wal-mart chain. After our lunch break Emily and I proofread the monthly international update newsletter which had to be sent out by the end of today. Then we met with one of Becky's bosses, Brian, who went through an overview with us of OM, what countries were doing what, etc. Slightly confusing, but I think after being immersed in it after a little while, we'll catch on. 
All that being said, so far so good! Tomorrow we're going to the lake district to sightsee and picnic. So, no work for me tomorrow! 


Anonymous said...

sounds like you're off to a great start -- and already a day off! Sorry we didn't get to talk at the reunion at all, so many people and everyone going in different directions! I'm following your blog though, living vicariously through your travels. Hoping to have Nathan and Lindsay with us for the July 4th holiday. We'll be thinking of you. Aunt Barb

Adrienne said...

I know, the reunion was crazy! In a good way, of course, but I didn't really get to talk to that many people either. That would be great if Nathan and Lindsey came. No Independence day celebrations here! haha.

Anonymous said...

Love reading about your adventures. Got to visit with your Dad and Mom on Sunday. Can't wait to hear more. Love to you, Jan