Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I just sent out e-mails and letters with this blog address, so if you are a new reader, welcome.

I haven't been anywhere in the past year besides NYC, but the first entry of this blog is a link to my old blog about my trip to Greece and Italy following the Footsteps of Paul, and my semester in Ireland.

The previous post explains what I'm doing, but now the countdown is almost exactly a month until I'm heading back "across the pond" (as some people, not sure to say) 

I'm officially out of school (with official senior status!), I got home Thursday and have spent my time with family so far. 

As I prepare for my trip, I would ask that all of you pray for me and my preparation to leave. Here are a few specifics:
  • God would send along anything and everything to help me prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. 
  • Traveling will run smoothly
  • the people I meet and encounter and the relationships I build 
  • my writing that I'm doing, that it will be God-breathed 
  • a blessing for those that are praying for me and for those that helped me out financially 
Those are pretty general prayer requests right now, as I prepare, I'm sure I will have more specifics and I will keep you updated. Thank you all. 

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