Wednesday, January 14, 2009

to watch his woods fill up with snow.

Today is pretty significant in the weather area, so I guess that is means for an update. Also, it's J-term and I have an amazing amount of free time on my hands.

I'm taking Enviornment and Society as my j-term class. I have to take it for a gen ed. credit, but I have come to find out that the classes that don't have anything to do with my major are some of the most beneficial courses I have taken during college (beneficial personally, not necessarily for my major). Someone in class called someone during a break today, and they had the worst attitude about the class. They had a very high-school mentality, which I'm sure they'll grow out of. I'm pretty sure I had that my first semiester on campus. Now I'm thankful for the classes I have to take, gen ed. or not.

So in other news, it's snowing a lot. Around a foot so far, I'd guess. I had to scrape off about 2+ inches off my car this morning, and then do it all over again with about 4+ inches that had accumulated on it since the first time. I'm hearing a lot of people complain, but I like it. I think it's beautiful. I wish there was a place where we could go sledding, but here in the flatlands of Indiana, those are hard to come by. If this keeps up, maybe classes will be cancelled. And no one can hate the snow for that, eh?

A little music critique and update. First of all, hello free download of the week last week. A Bach concerto! Kudos to iTunes for having more culture than I thought. Alas, they lose points for the really horrible music video, Sweet About Me by Gabriella Cilmi.
I got an iTunes giftcard for chrismtas along with the rest of the world, and I'm still debating what to buy with it. I kind of want to use it for individual songs rather than albums so I can expand my artists, but even that is still debatable I've only bought one song so far and that was On the Night My Love Broke Through by Cold War Kids. I like them, and have one of their albums. Their song/lyric inconsistancy stops me from buying their newest album, so I just gave all the songs a 30 second listen and picked my favorite. It was worth it.

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eliza said...

speaking of music... beirut is releasing some new music in february and it made me think of you.