Monday, January 26, 2009

let's make haste, reduce that waste, and have water with a better taste

I told my friend that when I have an abundance of work, I tend to wander. So after wandering to her neck of the woods for awhile, I decided to come back and post to my blog like I said I was.

J-term is coming to a close. I have one final tomorrow and one on Wednesday, and I'll be done. After a few mishaps in the class, I still stand by what I said in the previous blog about enjoying it. Thursday, I got to tour the water sanitation plant, and today I presented a plan for installing a butterfly garden and an apple orchard on campus.

The environment is serious stuff, dudes. Just last night Obama ordered the Transportation Department to begin drawing up rules for more economically friendly cars. Apparently revamped vehicles are supposed to be ready to be sold by 2011. The American car industry is failing, but Obama wants it to be the lead sellers in fuel-efficient cars. Also, he's enforcing the law that requires a 40% improvement in gas mileage in cars and trucks by 2020. Supposedly Bush didn't do anything to enforce the law, but Obama is laying the smack down.

If everyone in the world lived like we do in America, all of our world's resources would be used up in weeks. We watched this video about the rise of the middle class in India. They are starting to have a consumerism society like we are, and a few Americans in the film expressed concerns that there is not enough resources for them to do this. The Indians were retaliating by saying that if America, the country that other developing countries are looking up to, can live this way, then why is it wrong for other people to do the same? Is America capable of humbling itself to let everyone else live like us or better? I would hope so, but I don't think so, unless some large changes are made and new laws are enforced.

Throwing out random statistics to make you feel terrible about America is not my agenda, but this one...well, decide for yourself:
Americans spend $42 billion each year to lost weight. The world needs $24 billion each year to eliminate poverty.

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