Friday, December 12, 2008

simply, having a wonderful christmas time

Finals are over. School is over, well, for the semester. I don't really feel like writing about a wrap up of the semester.

I got home last night and ate a gingerbread cookie still warm from the oven. Then I dipped buckeyes with my parents, and two of my friends came over and we sat by the fire and caught up on our semesters. That's why I love Christmas time. Fires, cookies, old friends.

Apparently at my house I'm the Director of Decorations. When I got home last night there were no decorations, except for a half put together christmas tree with one strand of lights on it. So today I put the whole tree together, put the lights on and tinsel. Then I wrapped garland around our stairwell and put lights on the outside bushes. Nothing gets done around here without me. -said all in good spirits.

I'm really excited about Monday. I'm going to St. Louis for three days to hang out with some friends from school. Can't get enough of them apparently.

Goals for break:
-read Crime and Punishment and The Brother's Karamazov both by Dostoyevsky.
-Finish season 4 of 24.
-watch season 1 of Pushing Daisies
-watch all three Lord of the Rings
-beat Mario Land 2 on gameboy

As for now, I'm headed for my brother's house to watch Christmas movies.

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