Sunday, December 2, 2012

10 things i haven't done in a year that the average american probably does every day

I haven't been home in the good ol' US of A since last Christmas. Since 'tis the season, I'm making preparations to go home. I was lying in bed today thinking of things that I'm looking forward to, and came up with a list. Most of these things I would have done on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

 1. Use a top sheet and a blanket.
Duvet pros: easy to change, cheap to replace covers. Cons: When you're hot, there's nothing underneath. 

2. Eat at a Mexican restaurant (sit down or fast food). 
Indian is to Ireland as Mexican is to America

3. Drive on the right side of the road. 

my brain this month 

4. Go to a church that has more than 50 people. 
This is my church in Ireland...

This is my church's (in America) atrium

5. Have someone bag my groceries for me. In bags that I didn't have to remember to bring. 
note: no place to put groceries except in your bags. that you brought. 

6. Immediately take a shower when I want. 
I have to press this button 30 minutes before each shower. You wouldn't think it makes a big difference, but you can't ever just take a "quick shower" 

7. Get free refills. Of a drink that has ICE in it.

8. Use a coffee maker and/or our Keurig
french press is NOT the same. 

9. Flush public toilets with my feet.

typical flushers. unless i have some sweet karate skills, then i have to press it with my finger... 

10. Use traffic lights. 

Roundabouts are more efficient. I'm afraid I'm going to forget to look up. 

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