Sunday, January 29, 2012

put a CORK in it.

Ah, Cork City, Ireland. The second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, and the first largest city for awkward moments.

It was friday night, and there were four of us, Ludie, Lee, Kala and me. There was a missions conference going on, and we went to represent OM Ireland by setting up a booth offering books and information about what we do. We traveled by green van - as you can see in this picture, is a beauty.

After a lot of traffic and a side-trip stop, four hours later we arrived in Cork. We needed to grab a bite to eat, so Ludie, remembering a takeaway from a previous trip to Cork, makes Lee lean out the window and ask someone "Can you tell me where KC's is?" The lady says "you mean, that KC's?" and turns around and points at the building behind her. There it is. We stopped right in front of it. Awkwardly saying "yep, that's the one," we got out.

KC's is big enough for a line (or, queue) to fit inside and that's it. It was delicious. I got a polynesian chicken pita and it was so good.

We then headed to the missions conference, where we set up our booth. The first night, there were about 50 people there and the crowd got progressively larger with each meeting.

Saturday morning, we had another meeting until 1pm and then didn't have to be back until 7pm. Ludie dropped us off in Cork city centre at the English Market and we had the day. We got some sandwiches in the market, and walked for ages trying to find a place to eat them. We ended up eating them at the entrance to the market - standing up. It was raining outside and inside there wasn't anywhere to sit down.

We spent the day exploring the streets, small shops, and back alleys. Cork didn't seem too much different from the rest of the cities in Ireland, but then again, there are only six in the Republic. We went into Dunnes, which is a major Irish department store, where i proceeded to spill my entire water bottle in my purse, leaving a nice water trail everywhere I went.

Like all of Ireland, shops started closing around 5:30, so we met Ludie and decided to hit up KC's again since it was so good. I guess we went at prime time because the queue was very long. And the best part about it is, it's away from the city centre, so not too many tourists know about it i guess, because we were the only non-locals in line.

We headed back to the last session of the conference, then packed our bags and headed home.

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