Wednesday, September 8, 2010

of mice and men.

Sometimes, well, most of the time, I wish Pixar movies were real life.

It kind of goes along with wishing I would catch my stuffed animals talking or moving.

Here's my problem: I just saw a mouse run across my floor.
Here's an even bigger problem: This is the third one in a week.

Here's a few options of who this little guy could be:


Here's to hoping I'll wake up in the morning with a little gourmet breakfast in bed.

Rabid Scary Mouse:

When I am awakened by scuffling around the room, truth is, I'm going to imagine this.

Mission: Impossible Mouse:

What he'll probably end up doing if we set a trap.

Stuart Little:

Here's to hoping he ran under my bed to go retrieve his sweater and car that he forgot when I saw him.

Cinderella Mice:

Let's be honest, this is the REAL reason these mice are in my room. They know Prince Charming's right around the corner so they're gathering to make my new wardrobe.