Friday, June 25, 2010

two weeks down, four to go.

Well, I just spent a two weeks going from 7:45am to 12am every night, talking to people about Jesus every day, running around London via bus and Tube, and everything else you can possibly imagine.

I've learned a lot about God, myself, and His people these past two weeks. I've learned that God answers prayers immediately, one day later, a week later, a year later, 5 years later, and some we're still waiting on. I've learned that God is faithful, unchanging, a Father, friend, confidant. I've learned that he doesn't just love Christians, or good people, but everyone. And most importantly, I'm still trying to learn that He loves me.

I've learned that I'm a lot more outgoing than last year. I've learned that God has been preparing me all year for this without me realizing it. Which proved to me that God is constantly working in our lives, even when we aren't trying. I've learned that we all have something to bring to the table: God's table. I've learned something different from each and every one of my team members, and have been blessed by it.

I've learned that everyone in the world has a story to tell. Yes, this I should've learned from being a writer, but this time I've experienced it first hand. I have talked to people from different countries, tribes, languages, and although there are these different stories, there's all one we share in common, and that's love. But more importantly and greater, His love.

I'd love to talk and tell you stories, but as you can see, I'm quite busy. So drop me a line or e-mail or reply, and I'll try to get back to you. God bless!

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