Friday, June 18, 2010

London Calling

Hello everyone! I have now completed the first of my 5-½ weeks here in London. My team consists of 8 people – I am the only American. I think I get a funny look every time someone says “football” because they all know that I’m thinking “American Football” and this happens quite often since the world cup is going on. Speaking of which, I might suggest not watching an England vs. USA football game - in England - with a large group of people in which you are one of two Americans in the room.

Every day here is different. Some days we’re taking classes, some days we’re out on the streets or in the parks talking to people (sorry, I have to be a little vague when talking about these things). The other day I helped out in a mothers and toddlers group where I got to play with Portuguese, Arab, Chinese, African, and British children, all speaking different languages to their mothers, but English to each other and me. It’s really really fascinating and amazing to experience such a diverse culture in London.

Today we went to a park to hang out with kids. We had different activities like playing with a parachute, balloon animals, face painting, football, and story time. I was supposed to paint kids faces, but after two butterflies, the children were quite taken with the parachute, so I had the privilege of talking with a woman for an hour and a half. We talked the entire time about our religious beliefs over some mint green tea she had brought from home.

Every day we’re out until about 10:00pm. Then we come back to the church where we are sleeping and hang out with each other as a team and get to know one another. We spent the first night playing hide and go seek in the dark (yes, in the first two seconds I tripped and fell over the stage.)

Funny story before I wrap up- The first time we went out on the streets to talk to people, I went with two Korean girls from a different team. It started raining, so I rolled up my pants. I noticed one of the girls staring at my legs and when I looked up at her she said to me, “Maybe if you got tan, your hair would not show when you do not shave.”

If you could remember to keep these things in your prayers throughout my time here, I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to comment, ask questions, etc. too and I’ll try to answer them in my next update.

-My team- (bonding, sleep deprivation, wisdom, etc.) Kerry, Bianca, Michael, Aki, Hanna, Dominic, Mandy, and myself.

-The woman who I talked with in the park today.

-Everyone we meet/have conversations with on the team.

-Story ideas for me to write about and be able to share with people

-moms and toddlers group/ children’s ministry in the park.

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VeggieT said...

Hi Adrienne, Glad things are going well in London. It's awesome that you have a fun team. Will be praying for you since I can not be there myself this year. Can't wait for another update.