Wednesday, August 5, 2009

onsdag Woensdag mercredi Mittwoch Wednesday!

Hello! It's midweek of TeenStreet 2009. I'm still alive, yet exhausted and in some desperate need of "5 minutes Peace" Even during "shhhhh time" they have to play classical music over the speakers. constant noise. 

BUT! All is going well. The newsletters are running smoothly, I'm getting compliments from people who know I've written some of the articles, I wrote one of the feature stories, and I am currently working on another one.

Kids like to hear from themselves, so a lot of the time, I go around and interview the teens directly during their free time. It's a little hard because a lot of the teens don't speak english, or if they do, it's not very well.  Here's an example of an interview I had with two German guys. They gave up on English after 1 minute, so I just interviewed them in German and had a translator transcribe it for me. Quite funny actually. 

I got to experience some time with the teens other than interviewing them. A few people from the team played ultimate frisbee and asked a few teens to join us. By the end we had swedish, german, american, and a few more that i can't remember playing with us. I also joined a team for about an hour playing sand volleyball. Good times, good times.

another video is up, more hilarious than ever, and an article i wrote (click here, again!) The video is called "Good Morning"  and my article is right above it, called "Ministering Through Cocktails?" the article above that is an interesting read as well, but not mine. 

Any questions? Comment and I'll try to answer them in my next blog! 

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