Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back in Carlisle: Debrief

After reading over my last two blogs, I must start off with an apology for my horrible grammar. I was updating on my phone, which allowed me to see only one line at a time, so sometimes I would forget what I had written. You were probably thinking, "Why is she doing an internship for writing?" 

With that being said, I'm back in Carlisle now. I arrived here last night and just crashed and went to bed. I dreamt about my team in London all night long, and got a Charlie Horse in my leg while I was sleeping. So I woke up this morning with a sore leg and a sore heart. 

During church this morning, the pastor spoke on Ephesians 5:15-17 which talks about making the best use of our time and knowing what the will of the Lord is, and being filled with His Spirit. Applicable, especially when you're going through one of those emotional times.

After church, my housemate and I went to her fiance's house for a cookout with a group of people. 4 americans to 6 Germans. I tried learning everyone's names, we made fun of each other about different racial issues, and played Mario Kart. Sitting there with this new group of people, I got to thinking about how I felt like I had just been picked up and placed back down somewhere else, and in a few weeks, I'll get picked up again and placed back home. 

To refrain from writing a 10 page note, I will just list the conclusions (or just reiterations) I have come to over the last two weeks.
1. Living for Jesus Christ is the single most important thing in life. When all else fails, He is the only thing to fall back on. (Read Ecclesiastes for a more thorough explanation.) 
2. Knowing the Bible is vital. Being saturated in the Word daily is so important for yourself personally, but you also never know the people you're going to encounter and the questions you're going to need to answer.
3. The body of Christ will always be the body of Christ. We may come and go to places, meet new people, and leave each other. But no matter where life goes, you will always meet again someday. In one place, for eternity, in Paradise where there are no goodbyes. 
4. With Jesus, we have hope, peace, a purpose. Our God is love and mercy, and it is our purpose to share that with the lost. 

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Anonymous said...

Now you know how the apostle Paul felt. Just when he was settled in a church and getting to know the people, God sent him somewhere else. But what a great reunion he had in heaven. You are so fortunate to have so many great people put in your life. Aunt Kathy