Sunday, November 30, 2008

you walked me down 14th street

Back from NYC, and I'm beat. It's 8pm and I'm about to go grab my clothes out of the dryer and call it a night.

Play by play? Get ready for it.
My schedule in the previous entry was pretty much on the nose, except my class was let out a little early, so I got to my friend's house earlier, which was a blessing. Thanksgiving is all about those. At the airport I saw a few Taylor people and IWU/Exit 59 kids. I can't really say "small world" because it is break, and we're only an hour away from the largest airport in the state. But I think I can say it because I actually ended up sitting across the isle from a Taylor kid.

Arrived at NYC, took a cab and met my brother, Nate, ate awesome bagel sandwiches, went to the mac store (makeup brand. not apple), parents arrived and we all went to the blowing up of the balloons where we met up with Lindsey, Nate's girlfriend. Chris and Angela followed shortly after, and we all ate take-out thai food at Nate's apartment.

Thursday we got up suuuuuper early (5am) to go to the parade. we secured a nice spot in the front and made some friends with the people around us. Parade was awesome. Took naps afterward and got ready for our Thanksgiving dinner at an amazing French place. The food was SO good. It was the traditional turkey, stuffing, sweet potato souffle, pumpkin soup, etc. but it was amazing. The french part came in during our appetizer, which was fondue, and dessert, which I chose creme brulee. I can't pass up a good creme brulee. We walked to Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center and called it a night.

Friday was filled with NYC stuff like shopping, eating, etc. but that night we went to see Lion King. It was really good. Saturday we went to the market, I got some teas, and Chris and Angela left. The rest of us went to the Nutcracker Ballet. Also fantastic.

Left this morning, and now I'm back at Taylor for a week and a half and I'll head home for awhile. It's going to be a little weird to jump back into school work for just a week.

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