Saturday, April 14, 2012

"enjoy it while you can"

I was writing a letter to my friend I met in college. She’s still there, finishing up her last semester. I found myself, eyes glazed over, looking down at the words that reminisced about our time there. I wrote “enjoy it while you can.”

My mind immediately jumped to a conversation I had a few days earlier about singleness vs. dating. I’m in a relationship - the other person is not. “Enjoy it while you can,” I found myself saying.

I’m not unhappy. In fact, I told someone yesterday that if someone asked me my dream job, I couldn’t have even thought this up as a dream; it’s that good. Going back to college would have no real fulfillment for me now. And if I really wanted to enjoy singleness again, I wouldn’t be in a relationship.

But we are on a timeline - once you move forward, you can’t go back. It’s kind of like the concept of not appreciating something until it’s gone and you look back on it in retrospect and realize how good of a thing it actually was.

I’m sure if we all wrote letters to ourselves in the past, at some point in the letter, we would tell ourselves to not worry so much about was going to happen, because it works out in the end – the Author is in control of that. Instead, focus on where you are and take advantage of it.

I don’t typically quote The Message – but I do like how they worded this section from Matthew 6:

“What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving.”


Anonymous said...

That's a great concept... but I like the concept of the TARDIS much better. ;)

Seriously though I think I need to ponder and pray over this. I thought I felt this way, thought I had put all my worries aside a year ago now and I felt like God opened up two jobs that seemed made for me... one in ministry, as an artist no less, and the other a night job, perfect regular scheduling. Now sometimes it's like, IDK, I don't know exactly if this is what I should be doing, if I should stay, or change, enjoy, or seek God's will elsewhere...

Adrienne said...

yeah.. I don't want this post to imply that whatever your situation is, be content with it and stay there. If you are discontent, you have to search yourself and figure out the deeper reasons why, and work to change it - whether that be mental or physical change. I'm all about moving forward and taking leaps of faith.