Tuesday, September 6, 2011

moments of a month gone by...

I realize that it has been almost a month since my last post. Meaning, I've been here for over a month! Can you believe it? I can't.  I've been to Germany, Holland, and managed to settle into Ireland. It seems like it should be longer, but it has felt like days. I guess that's a good thing, right?

My first assignment at work was to design a magazine that OM Ireland puts out twice a year. (well, they're supposed to, but since they were lacking in the communications department, the last one came out a year ago.) So I was given all the articles and told to lay them out in an 8 page spread. Here's a sample of what my finished product looks like:

The morning I got the final "it's good to be printed!" from the printer, I hopped on a plane for Holland. OM has a conference called the GO conference for people who are joining OM (anywhere in the world) for 1+ years. 

The GO conference was amazing. There were people from all over the world going all over the world. And all with the same message of Jesus' love. Again I was blown away by how global our God really is, but at the same time, how personal He is. One of my favourite things about he conference was getting to hear how God had called everyone to missions in a personal way to them. 

Holland, not gonna lie, looks a lot like Indiana. Cornfields, driving on the right side of the road, flat... but Holland is not Indiana. 
First of all, sprinkles are a normal part of a Dutchies balanced (or, not so balanced) breakfast. and dinner. Every household has a large box (or two) of sprinkles. You can get chocolate or fruit flavoured. I prefer the chocolate because the fruit ones tasted like Pez. 
Second, in an Indiana field, you would not see windmills. 

Third, you would not have markets with miles of gummies. 

And, lastly, the thing that America is greatly missing out on, is the wonder called stroopwafels. These little guys are so good. So, they come in packs of 10, and it's two thin little waffles stuck together with a cinnamon sugar syrup substance. But after being packaged, everything is hard. While they are good on their own, the secret is to place them on top of a mug of hot tea or coffee (and they are perfectly sized for this very act) and the hot steam melts the cinnamon sugar syrup substance, making your stroopwafel a warm, gooey delight. 

Now that I'm back from Holland, I'm here to stay for awhile. At least until Christmas. :)

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Barb said...

love your real, detailed, colorful posts! Keep goin' for God, girl!