Tuesday, June 8, 2010

over the river and through the woods.

this is ahqt q nor,ql sentence aould look like if i used qn q,ericqn keyboqrd:

translation: this is what a normal sentence would look like if I used an American keyboard.

I am using a french keyboard so please excuse my atrocious punctuation. i have still to locate the apostophe.

Bonjour! Je suis dans France, mais je ne comprend pas le français.

translation: I am in France, but I cant understand French.

First, let me backtrack a bit:

For Katie and my full day in Lauterbrunnen (pronounced lauter.. like water... brew-nen), we hiked around the main waterfall and then took a 45 minute walk through beautiful fields of wildflowers with the river and the alps as our background to Trummelbach falls. I'm providing links because i still cant upload pictures (but check back in two days!) and this picture of Trummelbach does not do it justice. We happened upon it by chance but it is a series of 10 waterfalls inside and outside of a mountain. The falls are all from one river, but it's so powerful, it has shot through multiple walls of the mountain and caves inside it causing a series of falls. I have never seen so much water power in my life. This river alone is the glacier drainage for all three tallest alps in Europe. It was absolutely incredible.

(on that last picture of the three mountains if you look closely at the top between the middle and right mountain, you will see a little speck that looks like a castle sticking up. That's where Katie and I went.)

The next morning we left Switzerland and headed to south France. We spent our first night in Nice. In the morning we went to a picturesque flower, fruit, and vegetable market outside, and we even got a famous "socca" (a crèpe made out of chickpeas) from Terèsa- the "queen of the market." We spent the rest of the day on the beach before heading to Marseilles this evening and enjoying the native dish, bouillabaisse. It's a type of fish stew.

I've decided that my favorite thing about France is that everyone can pronounce my last name correctly on the first try, and with the real pronunciation: none of this "shadow-in" business, but "showd-wah."

Tomorrow marks the last full day of our journey. Then we head back to Madrid for less than 24 hours before Katie returns home to the States and I head to London for six weeks.


VeggieT said...

Awesome! I wish I could go on a european tour. How sad that you are coming to the end of it, though it's awesome that you get to spend 6 weeks in London with OM :)

Jan said...

Amazing. Hope the sunburns are better today.