Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello everyone! I arrived safe and sound in London this morning, so now begins my 6 week adventure. Although life will be fast, I don't have another plane, train, boat, bus, taxi, etc. to take for six weeks.

Tomorrow all the teams arrive - I arrived a day early - so nothing to report just yet. Meaning.. more pictures! But from France this time.

Marseilles coast

a restaurant on a boat! unfortunately we didn't eat there.

One of my favorite statues I've ever seen. Inside a cathedral in Marseilles.

A boy (that looks very similar to my neighbor) and a fisherman at the daily fish market.

This is self explanatory. It is just toooo cute.

An awesome Frenchman selling cherries.

Here she is, Teresa, queen of the market!

a photo of lavender that I hope to see hanging in my parents bedroom sometime soon.

a picture for my mom.

A mysterious photo of Katie at the beach in Nice.

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