Thursday, May 27, 2010


Let me start off with recognizing all the men and women out there who have been foreign exchange students. I will forever admire your courage and willpower.

I realized today that this was the first time that I've been in a foreign country (in which I didn't speak the same language) by myself. Katie had class today, so I went out exploring on my own and every second I got nervous because I was afraid someone was going to talk to me.
Example one: I hadn't even left the house yet and I was straightening my hair in the bathroom when someone knocked on the door. I opened it to a flood of Spanish, so I just moved out of the way, because I think somewhere between the pointing and flailing of arms, I figured out she needed something in one of the cabinets.

I also realized today that having a good sense of direction is REALLY beneficial. Katie showed me a map of Madrid and the metro, and without being able to read signs or talk to anyone, I got myself through the metro system and to a plaza and walked around without ever getting lost.

Most interesting thing I saw today: fat spiderman. Apparently he's pretty famous and on a "Top things to see in Madrid" list. It's pretty self explanatory, but see picture below:

Besides being charmed by this superhero, Katie and I walked through the oldest plaza in Spain (Plaza Mayor), and some streets of Madrid, and ended with a small dinner party of 5 at a friends apartment. So far it's been relaxing and a great way to start the summer.

I love Europe. I wasn't off the plane 10 minutes before I saw a vending machine with the usual European sodas and small bottles, and I just had to smile. Europe is like a second home in a way. A lot of my biggest life changing memories took place here, and still continue. The smell, the way buildings and shops look, the way people dress, the metro systems, the pigeons, the fountains with people sitting around them. It's good to be back.


Hannah B said...

great post. Also, that spider-man reminds me of ... those videos we watched at 4 a.m. that one time.

Jan said...

Loved reading your post. Keep them coming!

Kayla said...

aids- im so excited for you to be in Spain! I loved it more than Ireland. It is just so beautiful. I hope you get to go see the smaller cities in the South--Madrid is nice, but in a lot of ways it is like other European cities. You get to see more Spanish-Moorish influence in the smaller cities. I love you, and I'm so excited for your adventure!